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You see posters everywhere. But not all posters appeal to you in such a way that you would want to use them to decorate your lovely homes and offices, right? That is because not all posters are created equal. Some are just that, a poster with a printed image or words while some posters catch your attention, enliven your senses, and make you believe on the message that they convey so much so that they deserve a place in your wall or desk. A Vintage Poster designs and creates posters that will not just brighten any home or office but also liven up your day and your life. This is because our team of talented graphic artists has worked really hard to make our posters stand out. We use our unique sense of style to make the posters come to life. We make sure that our posters are classy, chic, and fab. Our posters are a lovely addition to any home or office. They will add beauty and color to your walls and desks. The messages and images will cheer you up and inspire you. One of our bestsellers is our family tree. We can put in the names of each member of the family are some prefer to just have their family name printed on it. Other bestsellers include our inspirational phrases such as Think Happy Thoughts, Look on the Bright Side, All You Need is Love, and You Only Live Once. HOW TO PURCHASE OUR POSTERS You can check all our available designs in our gallery. We have a wide selection of of vintage posters from paintings, pictures, and sayings. You can choose the design that you want from our gallery and advise us of the size, font, frame, and colors that you want in your vintage posters. We ship all over the world. Shipping fee will depend on the size and quantity of your orders. We accept major credit cards and Paypal as a mode of payment. For local orders, we also have cash on delivery. So, hurry! Order you’re a Vintage Poster now and put them up inside your garage doors in Kingsman. DESIGN YOUR OWN POSTER A Vintage Poster can customize the design of your poster. We can print the painting, picture, or captions that you want to put in a poster. We can design the layout and incorporate your unique ideas, favorite colors, and basically whatever you want to include in the poster. Our professional graphic artists will also give their expert advice regarding the overall design so that we can both come up with a masterpiece that is worthy to be displayed on your walls and desks. A Vintage Poster can also create designs for your business and other advertising needs. One way to boost your sales is to catch the attention of your market and we will help you achieve your goal. Contact us at customize@avintageposter.com so we can come up with great ideas and designs for your homes and businesses.


Y. O. L. O.

YOLO. You Only Live Once. I stumbled upon this expression as I was browsing my news feed. When I learned what it meant, I was inspired by the message. That is why I have this reminder on a poster displayed at the door of my room which I ordered from A Vintage Poster. This is to remind me each and every time that I would only roam this planet once so I might as well make the most out of it. For me, YOLO means to seize the moment. It is a reminder for me to be bold. Be daring. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. Life is too short for you to stay on the sidelines. If things do not turn out as planned, do not regret the choices that you made because you gained experience and learned from them and that is what is more important. YOLO reminds me to be good to others. Do as much good as possible. Be kind to others. Let bygones be bygones.  Again, life is too short to let negativity reign in our hearts and minds. When we do good things to others, good things will also come our way. Or maybe not since that is not a guarantee. But at the end of each day, you will have a peace of mind that you were able to help other people or at least you did not aggravate anyone. Lastly, YOLO for me is a reminder that we don’t take anything with us when we die. Do not focus on material things. Rather, divert their energy on spending time with your loved ones and do what you want to do. Those moments are priceless and the memories that you make together are what really lasts even after you have left this life.



Christmas is just around the corner. You can hear Christmas songs blasting from the sound systems everywhere you go. There are groups of young people going from house to house to sing Christmas carols. Snow is gently falling. It seems we are going to have a white Christmas after all. Everything is set. But the question is, are you done shopping for your Christmas gifts? The malls are already full of people doing their Christmas shopping. It’s the Christmas rush already and you do not have any idea what to give your family and friends for the traditional gift giving on the eve of Christmas Day. Well, don’t worry. We have searched the malls and online stores to give you the top 3 cool Christmas gift ideas to help you with your shopping. First on our list are the lovely posters from A Vintage Poster. These perky and cheerful posters are a great gift for your friends and family members. You can choose the design and message on the posters. They can put them up on their walls or desks to give them their daily dose of inspiration. Second are the very cute succulent plants. These are low maintenance and yet can do so much in brightening the house. You can also stick your personalized messages on the pots and add in some designs too. And lastly, how about some cool pens with funky colors and design? Throw in a cute notepad to go along with these inks. This will be very useful as they put their reminders and ideas on paper so they will not forget about them later on. These are just some of the coolest Christmas gift ideas that we recommend. But we are sure that your family and friends will appreciate your gifts no matter what they are. It is the thought that counts. Happy holidays!


Our Advocacy

All of us here at A Vintage Poster are advocates of mental health awareness and giving support to those who are battling mental health disorders. It is our hope that our posters serve as lovely reminders for them about their strength and the beauty of life. May our posters remind them that there is still hope no matter how bad it seems. Like everything else, this too shall pass. In the thick of emotions, it may be hard to remember positive thoughts. We want our posters to remind them of what they have forgotten. The Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion acknowledges that mental disorders are one of the leading causes of disabilities and even death. This led the government to prioritize mental health concerns and initiate programs and services to address the needs of those who are suffering from this disease. Mental health is crucial to our overall well-being, productivity, and our relationships with other people. Of course, it is important to have them treated and to do everything possible to prevent mental health issues. But once the person is already diagnosed with this disorder, we should help them how to manage their mental health. Given the complexity of mental health, it is recommended that persons suffering from mental illness be encouraged to join support groups. An example is the Natural Helpers Program, that A Vintage Poster supports through funding, which integrates health education with social activities in the community. Support groups are venues that would allow them to share their feelings and experiences. They will feel understood and cared for instead of feeling judged for what they cannot help feeling or thinking. This will help address their psychological, emotional, and social concerns that will allow them to cope with their life experiences and live life productively and to the fullest.

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