A Vintage Poster

Our Advocacy

All of us here at A Vintage Poster are advocates of mental health awareness and giving support to those who are battling mental health disorders. It is our hope that our posters serve as lovely reminders for them about their strength and the beauty of life. May our posters remind them that there is still hope no matter how bad it seems. Like everything else, this too shall pass. In the thick of emotions, it may be hard to remember positive thoughts. We want our posters to remind them of what they have forgotten.
The Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion acknowledges that mental disorders are one of the leading causes of disabilities and even death. This led the government to prioritize mental health concerns and initiate programs and services to address the needs of those who are suffering from this disease. Mental health is crucial to our overall well-being, productivity, and our relationships with other people. Of course, it is important to have them treated and to do everything possible to prevent mental health issues. But once the person is already diagnosed with this disorder, we should help them how to manage their mental health.

Given the complexity of mental health, it is recommended that persons suffering from mental illness be encouraged to join support groups. An example is the Natural Helpers Program, that A Vintage Poster supports through funding, which integrates health education with social activities in the community. Support groups are venues that would allow them to share their feelings and experiences. They will feel understood and cared for instead of feeling judged for what they cannot help feeling or thinking. This will help address their psychological, emotional, and social concerns that will allow them to cope with their life experiences and live life productively and to the fullest.

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